Teagan’s Progress – Happy 2014

“Joel feels that we will see a path similar to what we’ve seen in other therapy areas…very slow progress, and then all of a sudden a super quick uptick.”

These are words from my cranky last post about Teagan’s therapies – guess I should listen to that man more often!  After a frustratingly slow couple of months, 2014 is looking pretty amazing!


NYE at Mark and Laura’s.  T was not excited about the glasses.

Actually, the first exciting thing happened at the end of 2013.  When my parents came to visit for Christmas they brought their cat, which Teagan loves…and calls “Ditty.”  ??!!  So yeah, she won’t call me Mama, but she knows kitty.  That child.  😉  We also switched her to a toddler bed, which has been…entertaining.  And mostly successful.


New toddler bed…and the first night

The second exciting thing…the sippy cup.  YES YES YES!  Finally!  It’s like one day she just decided, hey, I’m going to drink out of this now, and hasn’t looked back!  It’s been two weeks since that wonderful Friday, and now she’s only having bottles at nap or bedtime.  Hopefully in another week or two she’ll have kicked them to the curb altogether!  I tell you, that day she decided to use the sippy cup, there weren’t happier parents than Joel and I.  Today when I printed T’s workout sheet for the week, I deleted the sippy cup line – felt soooooooo gooooooooood!!  Continuing the subject of meals, she’s also been attempting to stab food with her fork, rather than have us put the food on the fork and hand it to her – she’s been successful a handful of times!

The third exciting thing is speech therapy.  I have been kicked out of the room at Children’s therapy (apparently I am a distraction ;-), but Melissa tells me her sound mimicking is getting much better.  Joel and T had school district speech therapy with Jackie on Thursday morning, and it was awesome…


Translation: the letters and ahh, etc. are sound mimicking.  Roly Poly and Row Row are songs with actions – so that is action mimicking.  Mimicking is so important because that is how kids learn to say things, by repeating what they hear from others – normally they just do it, but in T’s case, we have to teach her to do it.  And the tube is something we got paperwork mailed to us in, that she likes to hold up to her mouth and make sounds into – it’s disgusting, but you take what you can get.  Another song she loves is Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – she taps her head until we start singing.  I’m pretty sure I sang this song more today than the cumulative of the rest of the world combined.

And lastly, we’ve seen some progress with her fine motor skills.  She is putting some large puzzle pieces in their spot, and shapes in her cookie-jar shape sorter.  She’s even coloring a tiny bit.  She is far behind, I’m not kidding myself – but after working on these things for so long, it’s nice to finally see some action.

Other than that, we had fun Christmas celebrations with both sides of the family…


Opening some pink bibs from (of course) Grandpa Petersen

…and T and I started swimming lessons again – she could not wait to get back into the water.  She is so happy at swimming lessons that it’s almost counter-productive.  Every time I hold her out in front of me to show her something, monkey cheeks for example, she kicks her legs and flails her arms and laughs, and it’s so funny that it makes me laugh.  We might not be the best students – but I’m fairly certain we are having the most fun.  During play time, we play with her baby doll a lot; less than three months for her to get ready for her little sis!

Joel and I are feeling pretty good overall right now.  Of course I have no basis for comparison.  I know T’s behind, but I’m not all that familiar with 2 year olds other than her, so by how much isn’t obvious to me.  I’m trying not to compare – she is making progress, and for that, I am grateful.  Until next month!