Cleaner Eating – Dave’s Cheat Sheet

A lot of people asked to see my pal Dave’s cheat sheet for cleaner eating following the Facebook thread the other day.  He does paleo/primal, which is not what I’m looking to do – but a lot of the same rules apply for cleaner eating.  Here is the cheat-sheet, with some notes from him at the bottom (he’s been at it for a long time)!

Scrambled eggs with veggies (spinach, onion, peppers, tomatoes, etc)
fried egg with a side of berries
serving of greek yogurt with mashed berries, cinnamon, walnuts & Flaxseed (mashing helps a TON)
Green shake*
Banana pancake**
Oatmeal w/ cinnamon, flaxseed, nuts (almonds or walnuts) & berries (try to avoid oatmeal if possible)
Grilled chicken breast, side of veggies
Spinach salad w chicken, broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, avocado, nuts, peppers, egg, etc
“Big Salad” with a 1/2 can of wild canned salmon
Grilled (wild) salmon
hamburger (grassfed & no bun or fries)
Can of veggie soup (don’t eat potato), can of tuna/salmon
Fish Tacos w/ lettuce wrap
Sushi (sashimi)
steak (grassfed)
Trout, grilled (salt & pepper)
Korean Bi Bim Bap w/ cauliflower rice
Appetizers & sides
caprese salad
roasted veggies
grilled calamari
shrimp cocktail
oysters, steamed mussels
sweet potato & yams
cauliflower rice
grilled veggies
steamed veggies
sauted veggies
Oils & other fats
Oil, sesame, coconut are OK, (avoid canola, vegetable, safflower & sunflower)
butter is OK, grassfed butter is best
Snacks (as much as you want)***
Apple, kiwi, grapes, pears, berries
nuts (almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, cashews)
hard boiled egg
beef jerkey
almond butter
lara bars (energy bars that have a very tight list of ingredients)
Snacks (limited)
raisins, dates or other dried fruit
oranges, banana
dark chocolate (>80% cacao)
cottage cheese
coconut water
coffee-use almond milk or full fat cream (stevia if needed)
green tea
red wine (2 glasses/day tops)
stout beer
* Green Shake recipe is: 1 1/4 cup frozen berries, 2 tblspn of flaxseed, scoop of almond butter, 1/4 cup of almond milk
solid handful of spinach, (plus some kale if you like it), serving of egg protein powder, banana, small amount of kefir
** Banana pancake recipe
*** link to paleo snacks

As you know, many health related issues (heart disease, cancer, arthritis, severe stomach issues, allergies, chronic colds/back pain, & really anything that ends in “itis”) are caused by CHRONIC inflammation within your body. 

  • Much of the chronic inflammation we have is caused by the diet that we all eat…It’s really that simple.

You can stop this stuff by switching up your diet..the basics of an anti-inflammatory diet (Paleo/Primal/caveman diet is really similar)

  • You eat: meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds (the 75-150 grams of carbs/day you need will come from the fruits/veggies)
  • no processed foods
  • no pop
  • no grains (bread, corn, pizza, pasta, rice)….(Beans, oatmeal, barley are not kosher for PALEO, but they are do NOT cause inflammation so I eat them in extreme moderation)
  • No added sugar
  • No Dairy if you can manage (full fat creams/fermented yogurt (Kefir, greek yogurt), butter is OK if needed)
  • minimal beer/wine
  • Coffee/Tea is fine

It sounds harder than it really is but to be honest, if you cut this stuff out for 60-80% of your meals, you’d be fine and notice a difference. I went hardcore on the food and noticed an amazing difference in 3 weeks so if you only do 60% maybe it will take a bit longer..

I’ve been on this for almost 3 years:

  • I’m not as sore after working out or running 
  • I’m RARELY hung over and I drink often for work..much more than you’re supposed to. 
  • rarely get sick despite living with 2 babies that are ALWAYS catching something.
  • plain feel better, have more energy, etc.

The truth is, I don’t follow this diet 100%, instead, I just eat foods that do not cause inflammation…My goal is to eliminate the inflammation in the body to ward off the health issues…If I eat a piece of cheese or oatmeal every now and again, big deal..Neither food breaks down into sugar quick enough to cause a response.