Time for Des to Meet the Families!

WOOHOO!  It’s our favorite weeknight!  Time for the Bachelorette.  I’m getting increasingly worried Des is going to be standing alone at the end…so tempting to read the spoilers, but I know I’ll regret it if I give in!

We start out in Texas for Zak’s hometown date.  My prediction is he’ll be the one to go this week, although I myself would not make that choice (he’s so funny and cute!).  Des is remembering Zak and his shirtless first meeting and can’t believe she’s meeting his family – she is also nervous about meeting his sis (smart man – the big sisters are tough to impress).  Zak is telling Des about a dream involving a lot of precipitation…Okay I don’t even know where to take that, so lets move on.  WAIT – we can’t move on…he has a family snow cone business!  That is what he was hinting (?) at.  There are a munch of school kids asking for snow cones and Des wants to start throwing them – they aren’t chickens Des.  But speaking of birds, now Zak is in a penguin suit.  This is a weird date.


And here we are at Zak’s parents’ house!  The sister doesn’t seem so scary, there is a lot of squealing.  Zak’s bro looks like Freddie Prinze JR (thank’s Laura ;-)).  Wow – Zak says he’s been completely naked 3 times – Mom doesn’t look surprised at all, and sis asks Des if she’s seen him completely naked.  This is some family meal!  Des and mama are one on one for a few, then Des and sis, and they all seem to be fans of each other.  Zak is talking to his mama, and he does seem pretty ga ga for Des.  You can tell by his expressive eyebrows.  Oh God…they’re all going to sing to her…awkward turtle.  Wait a minute…Zak has an ulterior motive!  He wants his family bad to be famous!

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 7.58.38 PM

You know when you’re in the car with someone, maybe on a road trip, and you’re singing along to the radio, but then it gets weird because they start to sing like they’re trying out for the opera?  Or maybe just American Idol?  That’s the weird vibe I’m getting from sis.  But thankfully they’re done, Zak gives her a promise ring, asks her to prom, and tells her he loves her.  Awwwww.

DREW!  I’ve missed you!  By the way – if you haven’t searched google images for photos of Drew Kenney, you should.  Goodness.  Here’s his Twitter profile pic – which might make him a little bit of a douche bag (but I still love him).

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 8.21.59 PM

First they’re going to see Drew’s sister, who is (his words) severely mentally handicapped, and can’t communicate.  Oh my goodness!  She (Melissa) is so excited to see them!  She is holding Drew’s hand so tight, it almost makes me want to cry.  ABC shows their relationship beautifully, well done ABC.  Now everyone is sitting outside at dinner, and Drew is reliving how uncool he played it when he got out of the limo and forgot to tell her his name.  Drew is chatting with mom and Des is hanging out with Dad.

Dad: “Do you believe in angels?”
Des: “I do.”
Dad: “Have you ever met one?”
Des: “No.”
Dad: “Yes you have.  Melissa.”

Dad talks about how Melissa has taught them so much.  They’re both getting a little bit teary.  Drew tells mom he can see himself getting down on a knee for her, and she seems really happy about it.  Dad gives Drew the go-ahead to propose as well.  Hmmm…I’m just slightly suspicious of Drew – he is a model, and he has the Jake Pavelka “I’m a super duper nice guy!” thing going.  But I still love him, and would DEF watch him as The Bachelor.  Okay he kind of word-vomited “I love you” at her.  See, now I think he’s genuine, I just can’t figure it out!  And he likes Dave Matthews (via his Twitter).

Off to Oregon for Chris’ hometown…he is wandering through the park, being sensitive and picking flowers.  First they’re going to play some baseball – ish, good thing Joel didn’t hold athletic ability as a requirement for a wife or I would still be a single lady.  They do seem liek they’re having a lot of fun together.  Oh, Des just said she is having a blast, it’s like we’re telepathic.  Chris thinks his family has quirks – he must not have heard about Zak’s family!  The father is a chiropractor and wants to give her an adjustment – it freaks Des out, but this would be a major selling point for me!  Now Dad is working on Chris, and this is happening…

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 8.30.51 PM

Chris and his sis are trashing the ex – well the sis is, Chris seems a little let down that no one liked her (?!).  Aw, Mom just told how Chris wanted it to be Des before he left, and how he text her from the airport when he found out it was!  Strangely timed wellness treatments aside, I have a good feeling about these two.  And Des says she doesn’t want to leave him.

Now it’s time for Brooks’ family – the previews have been making it look like he’s not as into him as he thinks he should be.  He is striding up a hill and staring longingly into the distance from a bridge – CHEESY.  Whoa – she just said to the camera “I love Brooks…” ?!  He’s having trouble because he doesn’t have time to explore his feelings – maybe he’s not a live in the moment type of person, and Des seems very much so.  Des made him a list of great moments – this seems backwards.  I guess she did make drawings for Chris.  Hey!  Brooks as they same green Old Town canoe we have!  I wonder if his has drips of paint all over b/c it was beneath the deck when someone painted it as well.

There are so many people to meet Des that they are wearing name tags!  And she gets a group hug right off the bat.

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 8.45.42 PM

Des talks to Mom, Brooks talks to Dad, thank goodness we’re on the last one, this is getting old!  Actually, Dad and bro are asking Brooks good questions – if Des was gone from your life, how would he feel (high gainer? if you don’t work at space, that won’t be funny).  Brooks tells us how mama’s opinion is the most important, and Mama tells Brooks that Des asked her if he was ready for marriage.  Brooks says he is pleasantly surprised about how he feels about that with Des.  Brooks is excited for the future and doesn’t want Des to leave – I think he’s the only one who hasn’t said he loves her yet.

Before the rose ceremony, Des is meeting with (gasp!) her brother Nate.  The one who was a jerk to Sean, and basically got Des booted.  He straight out says “I want to get in their heads” and Desiree isn’t going for it.  Yawn – I’m over him.  Filler.  She’s going to consider him meeting them.

OKAY GUYS, OKAY OKAY OKAY!  We’re back in LA for the rose ceremony, and Des and Chris (Harrison) are chatting.  My guess is Zak is going home.  Okay wait – I think Des just said she was hoping for a proposal with Brooks, but after Chris’ hometown was unsure.  So does that mean Zak and Drew are more or less out?  And here…we…go!!!

Rose #1 – Brooks
Rose #2 – Chris
Rose #3 –


I knew it – but poor Zak.  Such a sweet dude.  He’s shocked, and I want to laugh at his crazy faces, but I feel to sad for him.  She is telling him how much he deserves, I’m sure that makes him feel better.  She gives the promise ring back.

ACK I couldn’t help it!

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 9.11.50 PM