What are the Uncomfortable Questions?

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I have a neighbor who thinks everyone is on this earth for a specific reason. While I’m not sure I agree, I do appreciate her outlook  – and that she was willing to tell me what my reason was 😉 My blog. 

It used to be a lot easier for me to write. My emotions were totally out of check, and writing gave me a way to deal with them. I’m thankful I don’t feel as lost as I used to, and want to use RockingLion as a platform for broader conversations about living with special needs (although I’m sure there will still be the occasional emotion-riden post ;-)). Why do I want to do this? Because people are afraid of things they don’t understand. So if I talk about my family’s special condition, how our life is a little different, then maybe people will understand a little bit more. Maybe they won’t be afraid. Maybe the next time they’re at the playground and see a child who is a little bit different, they’ll think “I bet that kid is like Teagan – I bet they like to play and make new friends.”

Okay, so to get to the point: I’d like to know what people want to know about. What are the questions you have but are uncomfortable asking. I’d love it if you’re willing to share!! Comment, or send me a private message via fb if that feels more comfortable. I’ve never been insulted by a question – assumptions, yes, but never a question.

In my attempt to get reenergized about blogging, I’ve asked a few of my besties the question I just asked you. A few examples they’ve given, that I’m excited to write about at some point:

  • When I talk about the successes of my typically developing child, do you wish I’d stop?  Does it get to be too much?
  • How do you want me to talk to my child about yours?
  • Do you like people asking about how therapy is going and where she is on her disabilities?

Have any to add? If so, I’d love to hear from you!


One response to “What are the Uncomfortable Questions?

  1. Your first question! When I’ve talked about Liam’s potty training, I feel bad, knowing that you’re struggling with potty training. When I shared his progression I felt bad. Really I’m just amazed, considering boys are supposed to be more difficult to train and we struggled for years with Chloe. Also, do you like it when I ask about Teagan’s therapy? I’ve noticed I ask about it a lot!

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