Teagie’s progress – February Round-Up

February is drawing to a close and we are continuing a very exciting 2014 (well, when things like using a fork and saying “love” make your life exciting).  Giving myself major props for doing this on February 28th!  😉

Since the 2nd baby girl Petersen will be here in a month and a half (YIKES!!) T’s PT Melanie really wants her to be more independent when it comes to using stairs, as I will soon have my arms more full than usual.  So we’ve been working on that really hard, and I’m proud to say T can go down stairs on her belly independently (she’s been able to crawl up for quite a while now), and is also really good and walking up and down them if she can hang on to the bars in the railing.   Daycare has a lot of stairs, and Michelle says she can do them all by herself!  She can also stand up from the middle of the floor now – I think she would have been able to do this quite a while ago if we’d pushed it, but since she could pull up on furniture and is rarely in the middle of a field, we kind of back-burnered it.  Happy to say it’s done now!  Next up is pre-jumping exercises – bouncing on couch cushions and beds.  Should be fun, and good for the furniture!  😉

Teagan has also become quite the drawer.  We’ve been trying to get her interested for quite a while, and probably about a month ago she began to love scribbling.



She’s getting better at other activities that involve fine motor skills such as puzzles and shape sorters.  Puzzles and actually sitting and paying attention through a WHOLE book will be big areas for us to work on, as her concentration needs to get better since she’ll start going to school in the fall.  !!!

She’s still a fairly unenthusiastic eater…I’ve said it before, I’m not sure how she’s my daughter…but when she decides she wants to eat she’s doing great, even stabbing with a fork on her own.  Since the day she decided to drink out of a sippy cup it’s been awesome, now we’re working on squirt bottles and open cups.  But I’m still basking in the glow of the sippy cup just a little bit 😉

Speech therapy continues to be frustrating.  We had an in-home session with the school district today that was fabulous – all kinds of sounds and imitations – but our 2x/week private sessions at Children’s seem to me to be more or less pointless.  There are lots of toys and bright colors and Teagan is incredibly distracted there.  And while I like her therapist very much, she’s not quite assertive enough for me.  At times I’ll ask a question and get an “I don’t know, what do you think?” which makes me crazy because I sure as hell don’t know…I’m the parent, but not the pro.  And we’re paying for it.  So we are looking for an in-home private therapist who can come work with her on a regular basis – someone with quite a bit of experience, and since T is so chatty at home, we’re hoping when it’s a familiar setting she’ll be more productive.  We have one referral (actually two, for the same person, within two days of each other) so I am reaching out to her this weekend so see if something will work.  So far our “teacher” who has inspired the quickest progress is Michelle’s daughter Gloria, who taught T to repeat “love” (sounds like “ove”) in a day <3.  I want my girl to talk so badly…I try to keep these requests to a minimum, as everyone has their own battles to fight – but for this I will ask: prayers for speech please!!

Otherwise in the lives of the Petersen’s, Teagan will be starting her second session of Backfloat Baby 2 in March…with DADDY this time!!  This latest session with it’s polar vortexes was not my best idea ever, but she loves it so.


Joel and Uncle Jeff (the Minnesota Uncle Jeff) spent last Saturday painting T’s big girl bedroom in thick stripes of pink, lavender and dark purple.  It looks AWESOME, but Daddy is a bit of a perfectionist, so pictures will come once he gets to do a few touch-ups.  Our goal is to have her in there a month before the new babe comes so she doesn’t feel like her room was stolen from her.  And tomorrow is the annual Children’s of MN Rare Genetics parents meeting, which I have put together with a handful of other parents – really looking forward to it, fingers crossed for a good turn-out!

If you have any speech thoughts or tips, please PLEASE leave them for us below…and if you know any private therapists who might work, please let me know that too!  Thanks for reading 🙂


One response to “Teagie’s progress – February Round-Up

  1. How Language Works by David Crystal gives a very thorough overview (you can pick and choose which bits to read) When my son was younger we talked to a SALT about our sons (lack of) speech. Her reply was “no, he may not speak, but he certainly communicates.” He is now 15 – still no speech, but communication – signing, body language, expression etc – all going strong. I guess what I’m saying is, yes the speech is very important, but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. I will not stop exp[laining how to suck eggs, have a good day.

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