Easy Breakfast Pockets

I remember making this recipe when I was just a kiddo – it was in a book of children’s recipes my mama got for me.  The book is long since gone, but I still love this for breakfast.



8oz can refrigerated crescent rolls (I use Pillsbury crescent rolls)
4oz American cheese
3 eggs
Splash of milk
2-4 slices cooked bacon

1. Preheat oven to 375.  Separate the eight crescent rolls in your package into pairs to make four rectangles.  Press the seams together.


2. Slice your cheese, lay out across each pressed together rectangle (our slicer was dirty, so I used a plane.  In hindsight, I should have just cleaned the slicer).


3. Mix your eggs and milk, and add a dash of salt and pepper – scramble your eggs, and layer on top of the cheese.  If you’re using it, crumble your cooked bacon and layer on top as well.  Note: I remember this recipe originally being with hard boiled eggs – half an egg per pocket.  I like it better with scrambled, but just incase you feel like trying something different.


4. Pull the short ends together, pinch the sides and seal across the top as well as possible so the deliciousness doesn’t ooze out while they’re cooking.


5. Bake 11-13 mins, or till golden brown.  They’re much better if the dough is just a bit crispy.  Enjoy!!



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