Des’ Journey Comes to an End!


So this is how I feel – she can’t go with the other two, not when she straight up said she didn’t want to give her heart to anyone but him.  And IF he comes back, when will he do it (did he actually ever leave?)?  Will she still take people to meet her family?  And how will ABC drag this out for THREE HOURS.  Also, next bachelor – a sexy Venezuelan, perhaps??

We open on sad Des, in a flowing orange dress.  She is talking/crying with Chris, and says she is okay when people don’t ask – I remember that feeling from days gone by, not a good one.  Chris mentions that Drew and Chris are still here…Des isn’t sure she can be with either of them.  She’s had natural progression with Chris and feels comfortable with him.  Drew isn’t afraid to be his sweet self – I don’t think either are comparing with Brooks, and this is the face Des makes as she almost imperceptibly nods when Chris says “you want to continue on.”


It’s rose ceremony time – so this must be the day after Brooks broke up with her on the doc.  ABC hasn’t shown any tweets, are they being sensitive?

Drew and Chris arrive, both looking quite handsome.


Des is in front of them and there is a very pregnant pause.  As she starts to tell them he has left, she cannot keep the sadness out of her voice, but she pulls it together, op, never mind. She’s crying.  I would not be feeling good if I were Drew or Chris right now, I wonder if they realize how ga ga she was for him, or if they think she’s so upset because it is this late in the game and she’s worried no one wants to be with her.  Man, they have to feel like chopped liver.  Now Chris is talking about how he loves her so much and it is hard to watch her cry – this is just cruel.  Drew too, ready to propose, OMG this is killer!  “I’ll never leave Desiree.”  Now we’re back with Chris Harrison and the studio audience – so I guess the answer of how this is going to be dragged out for 3 hours has been answered.

A gal in the crowd is talking about how Brooks might come back now that he know how Des feels.  I think that is a load of B S.  He’s so insecure, that now that he knows she loves him it’s a completely different story?  What a pansy.

Des is taking the dudes on one more date before introducing them to her family.  Drew + Des + horses on the beach = awkward conversation.  “Have you been hanging out by the pool?” “No, just hanging out in my room.”  Des says something isn’t feeling right with Drew – Des I could have told you this three episodes ago.  She’s going to cut the cord…which is going to be tough, since he just said “Here is to being madly in love.”  Aaaaand she’s doing it.  Through the tears, she tells him she feels so lucky to have him in her life, but isn’t sure she can be 100% for him.  Just over Drew’s head, a thought bubble appears, saying “BACHELOR!”  Bet he wasn’t counting on the love affair bachelor nation has entered into with Juan Pablo.  He’s taking this awfully well for a dude who was certain he was ready to propose.  Ha ha ha “I really loved her.  I really do love her.”  I’m not buying it Drew.

It’s a day later, and Des is bikini clad and ready for Chris.  He’s her last chance, and she does seem more excited to see him than Drew.  I do like these two together (I may have said that before?) – she admits she feels different with him than with Drew.  For the first time so far this episode, she looks happy.


They are cuddling on the catamaran, and having fun, and ABC is cueing up the cheesy music.  You know, when they keep mentioning how cool it is, and how awesome it is, it seems they have nothing else to talk about.  Sad.  But I could be wrong…it’s evening now, and Des is enthusiastic about how the day went.  They’re talking about how happy they are with their progression, and Chris is excited to meet her family.  Ooh, Chris got her a journal, Zak beat you to the punch buddy.  He wrote a not inside the journal, and it is NOT a poem, we are making progress folks!  Oh – oh – there they are, the poems are in the back.  Well, at least we don’t have to hear them again.  She tells us in private that she feels so lucky to be receiving his love, and is breaking down because she’s never felt like anyone has loved her as much as she has loved them…this would be a REALLY awkward time for Brooks to reappear.  She told him she was the greatest man she’s ever know – that is a high compliment!

So I’ve been ffing through the studio audience part, but I see Leslie, Catherine and Sean!  They are still in love, they confirm (well the last two).  Everyone gives their thoughts – Leslie things she’s happy with Chris, Lyndsy is worried that she’s still all about Brooks.

Time for Chris to meet the fam, and Des prepares by, once again, staring out across the water.  Ooh, the bro is there, he looks somehow cleaner than last time we saw him.


The fam is asking tough questions, about Des having a stronger connection with the other guys, etc.  Chris is giving good answers – he says if you meet a girl in your hometown, she can be dating other guys – you just don’t see it.  Bro asks about the other guy, and Chris says Drew is a good guy.  Chris is a class act.  So weird that he doesn’t know Drew isn’t around anymore!  Pops gives Chris permission to ask for Des’ hand…I have kind of a sick feeling in my stomach.  Bro asks Des “Is he the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?” and Des says “At the moment, yes.”  WOW – brother approves and thinks he would be the right choice!  Bro says “there are a couple things we should probably talk about,” he is kind of hilarious.  He says when they talked in LA, she was excited about Brooks.  Nice that Des can talk about it without crying, although she says it took her a long time to get over it, which is weird b/c how long has it been, 3 days?

If Brooks is coming back, he’s better hop to it, we’ve only got 21 mins left.  Okay Des and Chris are both in their final meeting outfits – is this really it?  Is Brooks not showing up?  Maybe she turns Chris down and he proposes at ATFR – I just don’t know what to think right now.  She says she is scared that once Chris learns the truth about how she felt about Brooks, everything will change.

Des has got a bangin’ bod.  We’ve seen her perfect tummy in her swimsuits, and she looks amazing in that dress.  Chris arrives in the limo and exhales a deep breath, he is so nervous!  “The first time I met Des I was down on one knee, and this time I’m not kidding.”  He wants to hear her say “I love you.”  They look good together.


I guess they’re going to let Chris spill his guts before she tells him that he’s a nice consolation prize to Brooks…but she has stopped him from getting on his knee – that is better than the awkwardness that was Ben and Ashley.  Des tells Chris that Drew is gone, I bet he is so confused.  She admits that she loved Brooks, and was torn between the two of them.  OH!  “I feel like I was so blindsided by my feelings for Brooks that I couldn’t see that the one thing I needed was right in front of me.”  Okay, did Des have help from one of the show’s writers for that one??  I cannot believe this is happening.  She loves him.  She loves him so much.  WOW.  What’s it been, like a week?  Now he’s going to propose.  I can’t help it, I’m not buying it.  Sad, because I really like her and Chris together – but WOW that was a really enthusiastic kiss after she said yes.  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.  I’m so happy, but still not certain Des isn’t putting on a show.  And Reality Steve was WRONG!  Unless this is a Mesnick style ATFR.  Here is the happy couple (last pic, I’m tired of getting off the couch).



I am still a bit in shock, and it isn’t all weird and quiet, so they must still be together after Brooks saw that he was more or less runner-up to Brooks.  I’m interested to hear how Chris felt watching last week’s episode.  Des is blaming her feelings for Brooks on the thrill of the chase.  Brooks is there, YES!  Ah, train wrecks.  He sits beside her and says he is nervous.  Des is sitting on her left hand!  Just kidding ;-).  She did ask him what happened between hometowns and Antigua to change his mind – if I were Chris, not sure how I’d feel about that.  Overall, Brooks feels like he was honest and Des has no regrets – he looks relieved to hear that she is engaged to Chris, and says he could see in the way she looked at Chris.  That went as smoothly as it could have.

Drew’s turn to act like he really cared.  He has no resentments or regrets – not a surprise, when you were in pretend love.  Apparently they had in-depth conversations – I wonder why ABC didn’t let us see those.  Ha – Chris asks Drew if he is still in love with Des, and he gives a very quick “no.”  I feel like there is normally some more contemplation and a round-about answer to that question.  Drew, stick to modeling, acting is not your thing.  What – a first look at fall’s new show Betrayal?  Time to get a snack.  But the couch is so comfy…

Here comes Chris!  He trusts their love 100% and says they’ve built something great since the show.  They both get a titch teary watching their proposal.  Des is moving to Seattle this weekend, they’ve already gotten their own place!  They want to start together, vs. her moving into Chris’ place.  OH NO…Chris has a gift, is it a poem is a poem it IS!  I’m so glad this season is over.


The next bachelor…is…

JUAN PABLO!!  And the crowd goes wild (seriously!)