Teagie’s Progress – April Round-Up

It’s been a pretty eventful month for us.  T had surgery to correct her lazy eye, as well as her six month assessment.  And she gave us a surprise – she started crawling!  More about that in a minute…

For the last few months, we’ve been eye-patching Teagan for five hours a week (which, contrary to what the picture below may lead you to believe, she HATED), hoping her lazy eye would correct itself – it didn’t.  So last Thursday we went in for surgery.


In the surgery, they weakened the outer muscles on both eyes – they can’t just do the lazy one, because then it would have to work harder than the regular one and the regular one could become a problem.  Who knew?  The worst part of the day was when she was playing in the waiting area before surgery and fell and bonked her head.  And I suppose she didn’t like the gas mask much either, but that was pretty quick.  Surgery took about 45 minutes, and then the doctor (Dr. P from Northwest Eye Clinic/Children’s – GREAT doc) came and told Joel and I it went beautifully.  Took another 45 for the anesthesia to wear off.  She was so sweet, cuddling in her bed, finally getting something to drink after having to have an empty stomach before surgery (Auntie P – see how much she loves the blankie you made her?).  Then we went home, and she got to eat her favorite pancakes :-).


She was a little irritable for a day or two, but I did enjoy the extra cuddles.  We saw immediate results – her eye isn’t drifting anymore, and she started watching TV, which she had never done before.  I put on the Lion King Friday morning because she didn’t want to play, not really expecting her to watch because she never really does, but she snuggled in next to me and paid attention.  We knew her eye drifted when she was looking at something in the distance – now, I believe it was hard to focus on the TV before.  Not that I want her to turn into a television addict – but OMG it is so nice on a lazy weekend morning to have her snuggle in and wake up for a little bit.


And on to progress…crawling.  We’d pretty much given up on it…she’s army crawled for a long time, pulling herself on her elbows and pushing with her right leg, usually dragging her left…but with all the walking progress she was making, we thought she would just be one of those kids who didn’t crawl.  Then Kristin (special edu) said well, I’d really like her to crawl, it’s so good for wrists and coordination, and can affect things like handwriting later in life.  So, a week and a half ago we put her on her belly and tucked that left leg up under her and…off she went!  And she is SO fast!!!  I’m not sure if she just didn’t realize she could crawl, but she’s all over the place now – it’s so fun!

Her teachers/therapists seemed very excited about her progress.  Physical therapy always seems to be the best – we’re going to continue working on stairs (she can get up about three on her own, and probably more if she had the motivation) and walking without her push toy or us supporting her.  Fine motor we’re working on drawing and using utensils  as well as feeding herself a drink with a straw cup and an open cup.  For communicative, they’re happy to see her giving signals when she wants something – for example, if she’s sitting on your lap and wants a horsey ride, she’ll look at you and wave her arms up and down and go “ahh ahh ahh” – can’t believe I don’t have a video of this.  And she makes a lot of sounds – ma ma, da da, b’s, p’s, v’s…so we will work on turning those into words, and adding more sounds.  For cognitive, we’re going to work on puzzles and other toys – they comment often about how good she is at figuring out cause and effect and how toys work.

So right now, we’re feeling pretty good!  She was happy to be in her swing again for those 3 nice days we had, and the neighbors have put up the trampoline, which she loves.

Oh, and thank you so much everyone for the support during her surgery!  One hundred and twenty six likes on the “surgery went well” status – ya’ll know how to make a family feel loved <3.


2 responses to “Teagie’s Progress – April Round-Up

  1. Pat Reese

    So glad to hear she is doing so well, but I’m not surprised with 2 amazing parents like you & Joel! And I LOVE the pictures of her with my blankie! Just about brought me to tears! I’m glad she’s enjoying it, and I hope she realizes how much love is wrapped up in that blankie. (((Hugs))) to Teagie, you & Joel! Love you guys!

  2. Lauren

    I had to wear a patch for two years for eye muscle stuff. Tracie said they do surgery now, would have saved me a lot of teasing 🙂

    The blog is great 🙂 I know I’m always the creepily first comment but it is only 730 in Cali!

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