Teag’s progress – February Round-up

It was a really good month as far as therapy goes.  Teag saw Julie, her special edu teacher, twice; her two PTs (Melanie – through the school district, and April – through Children’s) and her OT, Nicole.  

To kick things off – here is the email I got from Julie after her first visit of the month, which was at daycare.

“Hi Kathleen, 
Teagan was a stitch at daycare today-she initiated hide and seek and was imitating vava (we think that since it was valentines day, she had to show off with the appropriate imitation) and a variety of other consonant-vowel sounds!  One of the biggest changes that we discussed was her understanding and receptive language-both Eugene and Michelle agree that it seems like her awareness, motivation, and understanding of the environment and others actions and language has spiked quite a bit! In addition, she seems to be enjoying herself more lately-showing a sense of humor! 
We will see you next Friday, feb 22 at 11am with nicole and me at home and then feb 27 with Melanie and me at 745am at the house! Enjoy the evening, j”
So as you can see – Julie was super pumped about her social behavior.  And as far as the sense of humor, it’s cracking us up!  One of the mornings this week, I was trying to put T’s shirt on, and I couldn’t get her arm into the sleeve   She wouldn’t bend it, wouldn’t bend it, wouldn’t bend it…I finally looked at her face, and as soon as I made eye contact, she started giggling, and bent her arm and stuck it up the sleeve.  She’s a funny one! She also plays like she’s shy every time someone comes over now…snuggles in real close to Joel or I (whoever is holding her), and then pops up and smiles at whoever else is there.
Nicole came to see her a week ago, and was so happy with her meal-time progress – she is picking things off her tray now, will pull a squeeze-tube of yogurt to her mouth, and will actually take a drink from the sippy cup!  She used to just push these away.  It’s refreshing to have Nicole over – Joel and I are so frustrated with feeding, but since we feed her every day, we don’t see the progress as clearly – when Nicole hasn’t seen her for almost a month, the progress is very apparent to her.  Sometimes we’re so close to it, we miss the obvious progress.
And the most exciting event of the month, is that Teag started walking with one of her push toys (thanks Uncie Jeff!).  I saw her do it for the first time last Sunday – and she’s gotten better and better every day.  We had some friends over tonight, and she walked (with her toy) to them from across the living room multiple times.  So. Awesome.
One not so happy note – Teag has a lazy eye (which could or could not be because of her low tone), which we’ve been patching for the last three months.  We went to a follow-up eye doctor appointment on Friday…and nothing has changed.  Which means Teag will need surgery in the next few months :-(.  Poor gal – her doctor has done this surgery (as she puts it) “thousands of times” and is very confident in it – but it still feels like sometimes she just can’t catch a break.  But, then I look back at all the progress she’s made in the last month, and I have to feel a little better.
Oh my little Teagie.  I love you so much.  Don’t let anything stop you.

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