Comfort Bake – MMMMMM

When I first saw the recipe that inspired this (from Pillsbury) it had a lot fewer ingredients and was intended as a snack.  I stepped it up a few notches and made it a breakfast feast (translation: made it less healthy).

What you need:

5 eggs (go for cage free, humane certified- no beak-less chickens here!)

1/4 cup milk

16 oz refrigerated breakfast biscuits (I used the Pillsbury flakey kind)

4 scallions (green onions, spring onions, whatever you prefer to call them)

1 cup shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese

If you’re into the meats – cooked center cut bacon or cooked sausage

11×17 pan, sprayed with cooking spray (Note: I think a 9×13 works better, but might need to bake a little longer)

One grandpa to entertain your kiddo



1. Mix your eggs and milk in a large bowl.  Cut each biscuit (I’m all about scissors in the kitchen) into fours and add it to the bowl.  I like to do this before I cook the bacon or cut up the scallions – give the biscuits some time to really soak in the eggs.

2.  Cut up your scallions, shred your cheese, cook and break up your bacon (or sausage). Add everything to the bowl. Re: the cheese – my home economist mother tells me that pre-shredded cheese is coated with something or other to keep it from clumping.  A. Gross, B. If you shred it yourself it will melt better.


3. Mix it all up and pour into your pan.  Bake at 350 for 25 minutes (make sure it isn’t runny – mine this morning took 28 mins).



I like to throw together a fruit salad as a side to make up for the lack of healthiness, with whatever produce I have around – today it was bananas, apples, kiwi, grapes, and blueberries.  And look how well I did with the apple corer!  I NEVER get it to go that straight!  It’s going to be a good day.




Three Days of Fitbit Perfect

I love my fitbit.  I love it for all the exercise tracking – and when used appropriately, it is very effictive in getting the pounds to trickle down.  But, unfortunately, I’ve been very lazy about it lately – tracking food in the daytime, then it’s a free-for-all at night…to the point where I have no idea if the exercise I did that day justifies the food I eat (which is the whole point).  I’m doing a weight-loss challenge with my coworkers Julie and Mel, and Julie is kicking my butt – because she is diligent about not going over her allotted calories (she uses the Lose It! app).  So, for three days, I’m going to challenge myself to use it correctly and see what happens – and what better way to hold myself accountable than to post it here 🙂


My Fitbit telling me to Get Hot

Breakfast, Day 1:
Spinach-scrambled eggs, toast with butter and jelly.  When I was training myself to eat more veggies, eggs were a great help – onions, peppers, spinach, salsa, all great w/ eggs.  So this morning, I sauteed a handful of baby spinach in a teaspoon of vegetable oil, then once it was nice and wilted, added one egg, one egg white, and a tablespoon of skim milk.  In the past, I might have stopped here – but I’ve found if I don’t eat enough early in the day, I binge late in the day.  So, added a pice of wheat toast, half a teaspoon of butter, and a teaspoon of jelly.  All together: 277 cals.  And I feel satisfied.
Having some coffee for a mid-morning, my kid doesn’t take a morning nap anymore, pick-me up.
Teagie is down for her nap, time for lunch and a workout.  Turkey melt for Joel, garbage salad for me (meaning whatever I find in the fridge that might be good in a salad).  Baby spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella, onion, crab meat, and lite thousand island dressing.  Only 256 cals – but I’ll for sure need a snack later (and a drink – it is St. Patrick’s Day, my ancestors would be disappointed!).
I got plenty of running in yesterday with the Get Lucky Twin Cities 7K.  It’s nice out, the kiddo is napping, the hubs is watching SPORTS! so time to take Dudders to the dog park.  I so enjoy my weekend days with Teagie and her toys – but I don’t do a lot of moving, so this is a good shake-up.  Happy pup, and I’m now up to 7,500 steps on my fitbit – plus I’m over my floors climbed goal of 10 b/c of all the hills.  Still have 1000 cals left for the day!  Now, 194 cals for 2 oz of Bailey’s on ice, or 190 for a glass of Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc…decisions, decisions…better go with the product of Ireland 🙂
Dudders with three friends
Spaghetti and lots of water for dinner – veggie enriched spaghetti (is it pasta? is it veggies?  who knows!) and marinara for me, with meatballs for Joel and Teag.  Note to anyone trying to cook dinner for a vegetarian in a house of meat-eaters – Italian and Mexican food are good ways to go.  Made life much easier when I was a veg.  But I digress…threw some onion and garlic into vegetable oil for the sauce, just to give it a little something extra.  With a cup of pasta, and half a cup of sauce, plus the oil and veggies, it’s 347 cals.  And I’ve burnt enough cals to have a snack later!  Woohoo!
It’s been a fun day playing with my Teagie (and my pup).  Now she’s in bed, and Joel and I are throwing in Homeland (just got the season 1 DVD – so pumped!).  For snack: 8 oz Sav Blanc, some grapes, and two ounces of light Brie (first time trying this – I don’t recommend.  I would have enjoyed one ounce of the regular kind more).  I’m at or over 5 servings of fruit and veggies for the day – (1. spinach and jelly, 2 & 3. salad, 4. tomato sauce, 5. grapes) – score!!  Snack is 365 cals.
My Fitbit dashboard at the end of the day.
So in total for the day – 10,005 steps, 21 floors, and 2318 calories burned.  I ate 1,568 cals, so that’s a nice deficit.  Tomorrow will be more difficult with more stationary time at work – but I’m feeling pretty good about today!

Sx Media Thoughts from a Media Enthusiast

For the last two days at SXSW (note: I wrote half of this at Sx, half on the plane ride home), I’ve deliberately done non-media things to broaden my horizons .  Now I’m going to get back to my roots and talk about my favorite ad placements I’ve seen in the past few days.

Also – I’m using the term “ad placements” loosely – so please forgive.

My faves… 

1. Oreo’s bike-trailer signs.  From the moment I got on the plane, I’ve felt like I was going on work spring break (and someone clued me in yesterday that they used to call this portion of SXSW spring break for geeks – so I was close!).  So when I saw this sign, I got kind of excited.  It’s been a long ass time since I’ve had an Oreo – but I liked it so much that I tweeted a picture of it, and I’m writing about it now (hey – 40 readers is 40 readers ;-).  They had a really cool Game of Thornes one too.  And these bike trailers are EVERYWHERE.  We squeezed three of us into one to get out to the Long Center to see Michael Cerra, Sarah Silverman, and Tim and Eric – the dude who took us must have quads of steel.
2.  American Airlines Brightboxes.  Granted this isn’t a media placement – but it did pull me into their booth multiple times.  I do not have a good perception of American Airlines – one too many snafus at the airport.  But I love how easy they’ve made charging phones at SXSW.  As an advertiser, I feel it is impossible for me to assess what impact these have had on me – but I feel like I’ve softened a bit toward them – these dudes are alright, they’re helping me out.  And since I didn’t want to go far from my phone (you totally could, your credit card is the only thing that would open the locker your phone was in), I spent time with their brand – I got a chair massage with an Am Airlines ipad right in front of my face for 7 mins, I took a picture with their props that they then tweeted out, etc.
3.  Bates Motel (in your hotel).  This door hanger was on every room’s door in our hotel – and that’s all good and fine.  But  what I like best was that the TV ad was what came up every time you turned on your TV as well.  So assuming everyone turnes on their TV once a day, most Sxers in our hotel saw the message 3+ times – one high impact, one rather passive.  I liked that mix.
4. The Lean Start-Up – my colleague Lisa pointed this one out to me – it was on the key of her hotel, and there was a lot of signage at the airport.  So first of all, it’s just straight up perfect messaging considering the audience at SXSW – but the double-whammy made an impression on her.
5. 3M’s Holograph (and I can’t believe I forgot a picture of this one).  This was a life-sized cut out of a woman standing independently, with what seemed to be sticker-pants, but a holograph from the waist up.  She smiled at you, told you her top pics for SXSW that day, and didn’t break eye-contact.  And, as I heard one astute attendee declare, “She’s hot.” (again, sorry for no picture).  I heard rumblings she was at Sx in 2012 as well – but I would be remiss not to call out all the innovative stuff 3M is doing.  I like this gal, who was in the entrance hall, better than the large booth 3M had in the trade-show area dedicated to Post-Its – but both were highly interactive.
My not-so favorites…
1. Ray Donovan mobile ad (and I realize I am speaking against my own kind here).  I was served this ad every time I opened the SXSW app, which was far more times than I entered my hotel room or turned on my TV.  All I know from it, is that the dude from Scream is going to be on Showtime (which I don’t have) in June, and that they DON’T USE FREQUENCY CAPPING (pet peeve!).  We in the biz talk over and over again about how users pull out their phones while on the go – so if you’re going to do a mobile ad that isn’t location based, it is my feeling that the user should know enough that they don’t have to research to find out more – in this case, what the show is about.  When I see something on mobile, I want to get the point quickly – not have to look it up later.  I don’t like it as a “peak your interest” platform.
2. AT&T’s Teleporter.  It was fancy enough to draw me in (plus, if someone ever does invent a teleporter, I’ll put my order in early – no more 4 hour drives to visit the ‘rents!).  But the experience was far less cool than I expected from them – you stood just outside the concave bubble, and looked at sites in and around Austin.  The screens weren’t great quality.  Maybe if they’d had better definition, or if you’d been able to go farther into the bubble (Professor X’s Cerebro style) I would have liked it better.
3. And lastly, just for the heck of it.  I don’t know what this is.  I was scared to look it up.  But someone wants people to tweet from the toilet – and that’s weird (if you can’t read it, it says #tweetfromtheseat).

A Noob’s Thoughts on SXSW

It’s Saturday night in Austin, and I’m in my pjs by 10p.  One word about SXSW so far – TIRING.  Mentally and physically – but so, so awesome.  I’m having a fabulous time.  And I received some advice prior to the trip for experienced South by-ers (if you are cool, you refer to it as South by – now I have taught you something!) that has come in handy – comfy shoes, small umbrella, ABC (always be charging).

The flight was funny – every conversation I heard was in the speak of my career…and some did make me roll my eyes a bit (when the dude beside me on the plane told the stewardess that he needed to help them with Delta Sky Magazine’s content strategy).  I flew w/ my ACD pal Alex, we made it with spaceman to get our badges around 2p – which was nice, no lines.


spaceman getting his badge – here’s his check-in vine

We started Sx on a high note – Opening remarks by Bre Pettis, creator of Makerbot.  Yes we’ve all heard about 3D printing – but they way they are applying it is amazing!  They made fingers for a kid born without them.  Dollhouse furniture, toys, pieces for broken machines.  And Bre debut the digitizer – he showed how by using a webcam and lazers to measure a gnome, you can print more gnomes.  You could create an army of gnomes.  Maybe this is the end of those crazy Christmas toy rushes…don’t want to get up at 3am for the hottest toy?  Print your own!  And afterward, we got our pic with him (in the food-truck trailer park).


Alex, Bre and I

I’m going to a party tomorrow night (Crowdtap) that will have demos of their competitor, Cube, pretty pumped for that.

So that good advice I mentioned earlier…one piece was, don’t overdo it the first night.  I failed here.  Went to Spredfast’s party and hung with an old coworker from Bolin, Dane, who is now kicking it at Honeywell.  Then I met up with the fabulous spacers in Austin – Alex, Lisa, Ned, Tim, and old coworker/client/friend Nick. Image

Bliss, me and HHC!  Or Nick and Tim.

Drinks and general merry-making, getting carried away with Vines.  And I was still up and raring to go at 8a this morning. Bikers pulling seats for two people to ride in are everywhere here – a 120 lb dude pulled two of us, I was amazed.  Better for the planet than taxis!  Good times.  Next eye-roll moment – when the Harlem Shake song came on at the bar and everyone was REAL excited.  Maybe I’m just not fun.  But I digress…

First thing I did today was hang out at Google Playground.  Their deal was making everyday objects interactive, and they let you experience this through a shoe.  You could do a variety of activities – watch TV, walk up and down stairs, dance, and the shoe would talk to you based on what you were doing.  It seemed to me like my fitbit was on my foot and could talk smack to me – but fun all the same.


They’re also partnering with Volkswagon on a project that measures “Smilage” – more or less, how fun your road trips are.  Not sure how this is going to be relevant – but we will see shortly I’m sure.

I went to a session where Matthew May spoke about his book The Laws of Subtraction – rules for winning in the age of excess everything (basically, standing out by simplifying).  Then to one where three experts on creativity and mayhem who like to drop heavily emphasized f-bombs talked about anonymous communities – anon, 4chan, etc – and how they organize, activate, and so on without knowing who each other are, as well as what they decide to protest about and the difficulty of predicting the actions of a community that changes leaders, ideas, and their mind every 5 minutes.  Then was the Elon Musk keynote, where he was interviewed about rockets and cars – everyone I talked to was looking forward to this one, they streamed it in every available conference room at the convention center (I didn’t even try to make it into the one he was actually speaking in) – but I thought it was kind of a snooze.

One thing that has surprised me is the easy of charging your phone down here.  I put mine in a brightbox twice today (like a mini locker – you scan your credit card, pick your type of phone, then a door opens with that type of charger in it.  You close it, and your credit card is your key – it stays locked till you scan again).

Other than that, met with a few reps and contacts, enjoyed dinner with Prizelogic at Eddie V’s. Two good days – excited for the third!

Sean’s Harem Tells All!

Kiddo is sleeping, wine is poured (Starmont Sauvignon Blanc – a little more effervescent than I’d expected) – time to make myself a little bit dumber.  THE BACHELOR THE WOMEN TELL ALL – WOOHOO!!  Sups excited to see my old pals Selma, Lesley, and Des, and to see Tierra prove that the theory that the amount of times you say you hate drama is directly proportionate to how often you create it.

Ladies in the audience are cheering and high-fiving when Chris Harrison asks what they think about Sean with his shirt off – please.  It’s not like he’s Taylor Lautner.  Wait, Sean and Chris crashed Bachelor viewing parties?  How did I miss this?  Joel, Duds and I aren’t a viewing party?  Oh, Joel said he would shut the door in their faces.  I guess it’s good we missed out.  Okay, no one at the sorority house even stood up, they totes knew he was coming.  Bye Joel.
Wow, I’d forgotten about some of these girls (50 shades of drunk, Kacie B, Amanda the kind of strange fit model).  Lesley is adorbs as usual, next bachelorette (unless it’s Selma)!!!  Aw, flashbacks of Tierra and her hypothermia.  Okay – all these girls are skinny minny, but she was the thickest on that date, seems odd that she’d be the one to get the hypothermia.  Moving on…ugh, now it’s all about her.  Commercial – but first, ABC is going to show us what they’re going to show us after the commercial.  Sups helpful, thanks ABC.
I kind of hate myself for writing about her…here she is.  She just said when she walks into a room she says she brings light and joy.  Pretty sure that is something other people say about you, you don’t say about yourself – bet she is the type of girl who give herself a nickname as well (amiright Becky?  Call me Kitty).  I HATE when average/slightly better than average girls complain about being judged based on their looks.  Get over yourself.  Robin tells her straight up she’s delusional – gotta love an honest blunt girl.  “I was friendly” – oh Tierra, perception is reality.  If no one thinks you were friendly, you weren’t friendly.  And now – the AshLee/Tierra fight…HA HA HA, “Tierra made her own cot”…have I mentioned that I love Lesley?  “I apologize for you guys thinking I didn’t want to talk to you…” this chick is hilarious, talk about a back-handed apology.  Now Chris is bringing up the viewers, OMG…America cares about her eyebrows, and she knows it has it’s own twitter.  She was Little Ms. Nevada.  What.  HOLY MOLY that is a chunk of a ring – of course she is engaged, she looked like an idiot on the show…we’ll see when she gets married.
I can’t believe how upset Sarah is.  She thinks she’s always strung along and then let go because she only has one arm – I know of many a two-armed gal older than 26 who are single (they’re sitting in front of you, Sarah).  Darn it – caught up on DVR, no more fast forwarding.
Another commercial – sorry this post has no pictures, my TV is too far away from the couch and i’m tired.  Here is Dudley, he’s pretty close.
This is what I listened to during the commercials – Head Like a Hole and Call Me Maybe mashup – it’s disturbingly good once you get to the chorus: Wait, was that just a commercial for Diving with the Stars?  Oh, it’s called Splash.  These crazy kids, what will they think of next, I tell ya…
DES!  Wearing white, not many can pull that off.  The point has been made that she is “beloved” – otherwise this interview is kind of a snooze.
Checking Facebook during this commercial break – here is one of the ads I was served.  Well played, Kirk DeWindt Personal Training (and another picture that I didn’t have to get up for!).
ASHLEE takes the stage!  You know it’s about to get a bit intense when this girlfriend is in the mix.  She is a beauty!  Don’t you think someone who is this upset about being abandoned wouldn’t be so quick to fall?  I do kinda love how she left without saying anything to him, a la Bachelor Ben’s pre-bachelor season with Ashley: “Things don’t end unless they end badly.”  She says she’s a reserved person – yeah right!  Married at 17, crazy in love with Sean…I do not believe she is reserved.  But whatevs.  Sean just told AshLee form the beginning she was a front-runner, but he couldn’t “find that laughter” with her.  And now he understands why Emily always talked about their future together.  “But Sean you’re a gentleman, you’re supposed to be the man here” – she’s out for blood!  WHOA!  She just asked “Why did you say you had absolutely no feelings for them?”  Can’t wait to hear him dig himself out of this one…ack, it’s all “he said she said” (or in this case I guess, she said, he says he did NOT say).  Sad, we will never know.  Perhaps Sean was a bit tipsy??
AWKWARD (turtle!).  Commercial time again – gotta text Tracie, who is watching at the same time.
BLOOPERS!  Chris ran into a lantern, things are falling…including Sean, who just railed himself on a bike.  And he can’t drive a clutch.  Or open some Yellow Tail wine (your blurred label doesn’t fool me).  Jackie is afraid of a duck?!  I had a friend wouldn’t get into my car once because there was a pigeon under it, I guess some people have ornithophobia (see, now you’ve learned something today!).
Ooh, commercial for DWTS, which supposedly Sean is on, although it’s still a secret…the song is that Christina Aguilera one “I just want to feel this moment” – I love her as of late, I watched Burlesque this weekend.  Bad reviews, but I loved it (Matt?)!
Now a review of his relationships with Catherine and Lindsey…yawn.  Okay, only yawn for Catherine, Lindsey in the wedding dress and kissing him 60 seconds after he gets out of the limo is pretty entertaining.  I am surprised (pleasantly) that these are the last two girls – I like them both, neither seem like gold-diggers or fame seekers.  And both seem to be natural beauties – nicely done Sean.
So I gotta know…who do you think?  I’m guessing Lindsey.  And who do you think the letter is from – my guess is his mom.  One more week!

Teag’s progress – February Round-up

It was a really good month as far as therapy goes.  Teag saw Julie, her special edu teacher, twice; her two PTs (Melanie – through the school district, and April – through Children’s) and her OT, Nicole.  

To kick things off – here is the email I got from Julie after her first visit of the month, which was at daycare.

“Hi Kathleen, 
Teagan was a stitch at daycare today-she initiated hide and seek and was imitating vava (we think that since it was valentines day, she had to show off with the appropriate imitation) and a variety of other consonant-vowel sounds!  One of the biggest changes that we discussed was her understanding and receptive language-both Eugene and Michelle agree that it seems like her awareness, motivation, and understanding of the environment and others actions and language has spiked quite a bit! In addition, she seems to be enjoying herself more lately-showing a sense of humor! 
We will see you next Friday, feb 22 at 11am with nicole and me at home and then feb 27 with Melanie and me at 745am at the house! Enjoy the evening, j”
So as you can see – Julie was super pumped about her social behavior.  And as far as the sense of humor, it’s cracking us up!  One of the mornings this week, I was trying to put T’s shirt on, and I couldn’t get her arm into the sleeve   She wouldn’t bend it, wouldn’t bend it, wouldn’t bend it…I finally looked at her face, and as soon as I made eye contact, she started giggling, and bent her arm and stuck it up the sleeve.  She’s a funny one! She also plays like she’s shy every time someone comes over now…snuggles in real close to Joel or I (whoever is holding her), and then pops up and smiles at whoever else is there.
Nicole came to see her a week ago, and was so happy with her meal-time progress – she is picking things off her tray now, will pull a squeeze-tube of yogurt to her mouth, and will actually take a drink from the sippy cup!  She used to just push these away.  It’s refreshing to have Nicole over – Joel and I are so frustrated with feeding, but since we feed her every day, we don’t see the progress as clearly – when Nicole hasn’t seen her for almost a month, the progress is very apparent to her.  Sometimes we’re so close to it, we miss the obvious progress.
And the most exciting event of the month, is that Teag started walking with one of her push toys (thanks Uncie Jeff!).  I saw her do it for the first time last Sunday – and she’s gotten better and better every day.  We had some friends over tonight, and she walked (with her toy) to them from across the living room multiple times.  So. Awesome.
One not so happy note – Teag has a lazy eye (which could or could not be because of her low tone), which we’ve been patching for the last three months.  We went to a follow-up eye doctor appointment on Friday…and nothing has changed.  Which means Teag will need surgery in the next few months :-(.  Poor gal – her doctor has done this surgery (as she puts it) “thousands of times” and is very confident in it – but it still feels like sometimes she just can’t catch a break.  But, then I look back at all the progress she’s made in the last month, and I have to feel a little better.
Oh my little Teagie.  I love you so much.  Don’t let anything stop you.