Be Fake Fancy – Chocolate Dipped Fruit

This is a go-to fave of mine when I need a treat to bring to a party – or in today’s case, when making a snack for a baby shower.  It’s pretty and delicious – and SO easy.


Fruit (strawberries, banana, apples)

11.5oz bag of chocolate chips

1 tsp of Crisco

1 Jolly Rancher


Cutting board & knife

Medium pot


Cookie sheet covered with wax paper

1. Chop up your fruit.  I used strawberries, bananas and apples – I think oranges would be delicious as well, but I’ve got a mama who isn’t too fond of citric acid right now – so those will be for another day.


2. Dump your chocolate chips and teaspoon of crisco into a medium to small pot.  You don’t want the pot to be too big because then the chocolate is spread out at the bottom and you have to wipe the fruit around in it, instead of just dipping.  Turn the burner on low, and stir as it starts to melt till it’s smooth.  Be careful with the heat – towards the end my chocolate started to burn.  Even as you’re dipping your fruit, give it a stir every now and then.


3.  Put the Jolly Rancher in your mouth.  It’s about to get real delicious up in here, and keeping your mouth busy will keep you from eating the “fruits” of your labor (ha ha).

4. Start dipping!  The strawberries are by far the easiest, due to their handy stem-handles; the bananas are hardest.  They’re kind of slippery, and a few times they fell apart in the chocolate.  I had to scoop them out and eat them so they wouldn’t go to waste (I need more Jolly Ranchers!!).  After you take the fruit out of the chocolate, lay it on the wax papered cookie sheet.


Once you’re done dipping, stick the cookie sheet of chocolate dipped fruit in the fridge to give it a chance to set – half an hour was enough for mine.


Now they’re on a plate looking pretty and ready for the baby merry makers.  This is delicious with a crisp white wine – hey, it’s not my baby shower!

Enjoy 🙂



One response to “Be Fake Fancy – Chocolate Dipped Fruit

  1. Kendall

    A produce person told me to use a crock pot to melt the chocolate. That way it stays “dippable” until the end. It really works!

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