The Thank You Edition

I started writing this a few days ago.  Since today is a day all about love, I figure this is a perfect time to share a post filled with love…warning, it’s about to get REAL long and sappy.
RockingLion: The Thank You Edition

Our Families
The support from our families – my mom and dad, Joel’s mom and dad, our brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. has been invaluable through everything.  They have been a constant reminder that we aren’t going through this alone.
Jeff and Teag
Teag with one of her Uncle Jeffs – Christmas ’12
I email with a woman whose son has a condition similar to Teagan’s, we were connected through our genetic counselor.  I got an email from her just after Christmas asking me how the holidays went, because family time was always tough for her.  I couldn’t disagree more.  One of my greatest fears about this whole situation is that Teagan will feel alone…so to see her surrounded by loving Grandparents, both Uncle Jeffs (plus Aunt Jaime and Teag’s cousins), and the rest of the family this past Christmas made me so happy.  At Teagan’s birthday party, one of Teagan’s Grandmas (my mom) and her cousin Joseph got into a “fight” about who loved Teagan more…”I love her more than donuts,” “Well I Iove her more than ice cream” – yep, family time is alright with me. (also, my family is hungry)
Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 11.01.26 PM
Cousin Joseph teaches 5 mo Teagan about Cars
There are four friends of mine who, for weeks, didn’t know when I called if I would be laughing about what happened on the bachelor last night or sobbing uncontrollably because there was yet another unanswered question, or in the end, the diagnosis (and for a while, sobbing was the rule).  I was a mess.  I’m not sure they could even understand what I was saying…but they always answered.  They always called, visited, hugged, cried with me.  Becky, Molly, Craig and Tracie – Thank you so much, I am lucky to have you.

I consider myself lucky to have more than a handful of girls who I consider seriously close friends, and I know all of them would have shown unyielding support had I been strong enough to talk about this with more than just a few people – to you (Laura, Lisa, Caitlin, Julie, Cathie, Amy, Megan, Courtney, Steph) – I thank you for loving me so much that I knew I had your support before I even told you what was going on, and thank you for understanding my initial silence.
And to any friend, close or distant, who has reached out or even just read our story – thank you for your prayers or good vibes.  Teagan seems to be making a lot of strides right now, and I can’t help but wonder (who am I, Carrie Bradshaw?) if it is because of all the positive energy being sent her way since the first blog post.
Muhlsteins and Teag
Teag with one of my besties Laura and her baby girl Mia
The Kiddo Pros
The list of professionals we’ve seen in the process of figuring all this out is long.  I feel that we have a really good set of doctors, from Teag’s pediatrician to her geneticists to her neurologist, but the ones closest to our hearts are those who we see on a regular basis.  First of all, her therapists through the school district. Their support has been AWESOME.  Our main contact is a woman named Julie – she is a warm, enthusiastic special education teacher who visits us a couple times a month.  She knows Teagan’s progress, keeps up with her changes, and tells us what we should be looking for next.  Visiting one or two times a month are her PT and OT, Melanie and Nicole.  Melanie is so fun, and also driven – she doesn’t let Teagan get away with slacking during therapy sessions, and she has made AMAZING progress in PT.  Nicole is so incredibly kind and patient – the most frustrating area for us is feeding, and she always has suggestions, and is supportive when I get so flustered I don’t know what to do.
And in the Kiddo Pro category, I have to talk about our daycare providers, Michelle and Eugene.  Words cannot express how lucky Joel and I feel to have found these two and their family.  I went to an in home daycare, which I LOVED, so I always knew that is what I wanted for my children.  However, if you’ve been through this process you know, there is a lot of variation from daycare to daycare.  We did a lot of searching, and as soon as we met with Michelle, we felt really good.  After a few calls to other families, we knew we were set.  And boy were we ever – they let the therapists come into their home to work with Teagan during the day, they fill out the workout sheet so we know what exercises Teagan has done during the week, and most of all, they love her.  Just yesterday at work, I got an email from Michelle that Teagan had gone from sitting on the floor to standing at the couch all by herself (!!!) – something we’ve been working on a lot lately (due to her low tone, it isn’t as easy for her to do moves that are simple for other kids).  I know there was a celebration after this happened.  I think every working mom (well probably, every mom) questions if they’re doing the right thing, and possibly even more so in my case (if you disagree, please don’t get mad – to each their own).  When discussing this with Julie, her view was that Teagan flourishes at daycare – she is happy there,  is social there, and learns so much from her peers.  It warms my heart that Teagan spends the time away from us with such wonderful, loving people.  Julie is pregnant, and she asked if Michelle had openings – when your school district special education teacher wants her kids to attend your daycare, you know you’ve found a good place 😉
“You take care of Teagan.  We’ll take care of you.”  These are the words my boss said to me as I was going through the “something is wrong/we don’t know what it is” stage of this, after she had spoken with our HR director and come up with some counseling options for me (which I still haven’t used, but probably should – thank you, Nicole and Julie).  Those two sentences are probably enough to show the quality of the people at space150 – but I promised to be long and sappy, so I can’t stop there ;-).  Craig, Christina and Cait were always there for the unexpected (and thankfully, rare) mid-day panic attack.  I received sympathy and understanding when we had a scary dr. appointment from Billy, and so many other people.  Claire, Bethany and Brian have come to talk to me about friends and family members who might be able to help – and so many more have stopped by just to cheer us on.  Most people close to me (and even some who aren’t) know I am in love with my job…coworkers’ reactions have further validated that I work for an awesome company made up of awesome people.
My Husband
The last, yet most important person I have to thank is Joel (and he LOVES internet displays of affection, so I’m sure this is just going to make his day ;-)).  He is strong at times I’m not, so patient, and such a loving daddy.  I am so in love with you.  Happy Valentines Day.
Joel Teag Twins

7 responses to “The Thank You Edition

  1. John R. Krantz

    Beautiful Kath!

    I love you, Dad

  2. Maryellyn

    Kathy-this brought tears to my eyes- I am lucky to have you as a daughter. Mom

  3. CourtneyV

    Love you honey!! What an amazing post – you are so blessed.

  4. Pat Reese

    This is so beautiful, Kath! Proud to be a part of your family! Love and (((hugs))) to you & your incredible family!

  5. Julie McAlpin

    Your strength is unending and your daughter’s progress is a testiment to it! Hold each other close and know that it truly is you who is making the difference in Teag’s development. Thanks for the kudos!

  6. This nearly brought a tear to my eye also, and I always joke that it takes a blow to the head with a brick to get me to cry. As a writing teacher, I am so impressed with the love that flows through your words …. Happy Valentine’s Day right back to all 3 of you.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone 🙂 Mom and Dad – makes me laugh a little bit that you think you’re lucky I’m your daughter…you made me this way! 😉

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