Teagie’s power shoes!!

I’m so excited…the team from our school district came out today to give Teag her shoe inserts.  They will offer extra support until her feet get stronger (low muscle tone is common across many chromosomal abnormalities).  Our girl wants to walk so bad!  She is SO happy when someone helps her walk.

Happy walker


That’s a happy kiddo, no?

I think it will take a day or two to get used to the shoes, they are clunkier than what she is used to wearing (the soft slipper shoes).  But she was immediately more steady when standing!  I fully expect her to be on the go soon – everyone is excited about this except for Dudley.  She’ll soon be chasing him for horsey rides (at 95 lbs, it makes sense).

Here she is with one of the PTs in her new shoes!

shoes on

So as far as her progress – we are working on pulling up to stand and walking with her physical therapists.  With her occupational therapist, we’re working on Teag feeding herself and using a sippy cup.  If you put food on a fork and hand it to her, she does a great job feeding herself, but she won’t pick food up off her tray (except for her b-day cake – she had absolutely no problem feeding herself that).

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 8.19.29 PM

She eats enough, but isn’t super motivated by food.  If I hadn’t been there when she was surgically removed from my torso, I would question our relation.  And for some reason, she hates sippy cups.  Feeding has definitely been the most frustrating part,.

As far as speech goes, she isn’t saying words yet – but that she will say “da da da,” “ba ba ba” or “mmmmm” back and forth with you, which is a good sign!  Julie, her special edu teacher, told us the different consonant sounds and turn-taking (among other things) are precursors to speech – sounds good to me!

The last category we’re working on is cognitive.  Things like dropping a ball in a bucket, learning cause and effect, etc.  Joel and I use a worksheet I made to keep track of when we’ve done 15  or so different exercises  from day to day (obsessive what?) so we’re sure to get them all in at least a couple days a week.  Teag is at daycare Monday – Thursday, they keep track on a worksheet too.  We are so lucky to have them, and all the therapists – my list of thank-yous will be the subject of another, most likely long and emotional, post ;-).

So  – that will come later, but I will say this now: it’s been half a week since my first post about Teag’s diagnosis, and the response has absolutely floored me.  From the closest family and friends to  to people I haven’t talked to in years – I’ve gotten supportive comments, emails, calls, and texts from so many wonderful people.  I can’t even tell you how much it means – each one is like a word-hug.  Thank you so much 🙂


3 responses to “Teagie’s power shoes!!

  1. Pat Reese

    Kathy, I hope you & Joel know that Uncle Timmy & I will always be here for you, supporting you in any way we can. Teagan is a beautiful child, and I can’t wait to see her in person! (((Hugs))) and love to all of you.

  2. I totes know that Auntie P! 🙂 I can’t wait for you to meet her either. She is napping beneath the blanket you made for her baby shower as we speak!

  3. Pat Reese

    I’m glad she’s enjoying it!

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