Guilty pleasure: The Bachelor (2.4)

For post #2, I’m going to step away from the most important subject, to a subject that isn’t important at all…The Bachelor.  Oh how I love it, I wish I didn’t, but I do.  We all need a guilty pleasure, right? (don’t read if you haven’t watched yet – serious!)

Favorite moment right from the start – when Chris announces the ladies are going to meet Sean in…Montana.  I haven’t been to Montana, I’ve heard it’s awesome (from what they’ve shown on tonight’s episode, it is), but I can’t help but believe those chicks were expecting “Italy” or “Tahiti” to come out of Chris’ mouth.  They acted super excited, which made me laugh and almost lead to a very unfortunate treadmill incident.  Well played ladies, well played.
Pretty sure I went to elementary school with the girl who was just singing on Sean and the girl who wore the wedding dress’ date.  Weird.
So far my favorites are Leslie and Desiree, and I’m kind of digging Selma (maybe mostly because her name is Selma) – although I have a sneaking suspicion she is campaigning for next bachelorette.  Which would be interesting, since she won’t kiss anyone.  She’s got character and she’s a hottie – I’d watch.
Poor goats, to have a bunch of people who don’t know what they’re doing tugging on them.  Not a fan of that part 😦  The blue team loses and has to go home.  But later on…the blue team is invited to the party!! YAY!!  The red team is going to be PISSED.
…and they are.
Tierra…this girl acts like she’s never seen the show before.  Sean knows she’s being patient.  Things aren’t fair for her.  She feels like she’s being mislead.  YOU’RE ON A TV SHOW COMPETING WITH 25 WOMEN FOR ONE MAN.  She’s trying to be the villain, and she’s not even doing a good job – Courtney and Vienna could teach her a thing or two.  OMG…she is not sneaking up on Sean.  Stop.  NEEDY.  Now the 2 on 1 is a slap in the face?  Twenty minutes ago she was pumped to have it!  If she wins I’m done with this show.  NO I DON’T MEAN IT!  I’m sorry Bachelor, I take it back, I will never say it again.  Are we okay?
I also like AshLee.  I’m going to start going by KathLeen.  Sean is crazy about her.  Unfortunately, he is crazy about a lot of gals.  Oh no.  Catherine’s got game and Daniella is crying.  Do tears = rose??  Yes.  Cheap!  There was a 2 on 1 date, Jackie went home, I can’t talk about it.  Desiree feels like he gives roses to the girls who are having trouble.  Desiree is on to something.
Robyn tries to give it to Crown straight…she’s not worried, there are plenty of guys she can get engaged to.  Sean is going to get to the bottom of it, so he asks Leslie what’s going on with the girls.  Heart.  He wants some dirt – hey Sean, guess you should have kept that crazy Kacie around!
OMG OMG, rose ceremony…and so long Robyn.  
Less than 24 hours till the next episode!



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